Refinish Restoration & Repair

I´ve always been fascinated by the beauty and appearance of naturally aged, old nitro-cellulose finishes. So I tried to develop and find the right formula for a lacquer which has exactly the same characteristics of an old instrument paint - and I finally succeeded: After visiting libraries, antiquarian bookshops, consulting old masters and colleagues worldwide. 

I let my NC manufacture according to the formula I found by a small bavarian lacquer company. I am able to add resins or any other required ingredient to achieve the result that I want. 

Within that I can offer you a finish that not just LOOKS, FEELS and SMELLS like an old one - it finally IS an old one. With all the period-correct weatherchecking, ultra-thin coating and the right amount of gloss.

With an improved spraying technique - like in the good ol´days - I can restore your vintage investment; or give your modern guitar the vintage vibe and all the „MOJO“ you always wanted.

The correct pigments, dies, custom colors are here!

Certainly I´m capable to refinish ANY of your vintage or new guitars; wether it is a Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Rickenbacker, a bass or another.

I am skilled in restoring and repairing vintage guitars. My services include fine woodworking, finish repairs, refinishing, resetting necks, replacing fret boards, binding repairs and fixing broken head stocks.

I also have a stash of beautiful, old eastern figured maple for re-topping Les Pauls to convert them to the specifications of a burst.

If you’d like to have your '50s Les Paul gold top converted to '57 specs or burst specs, I have the skills, experience and proper materials to do the job correctly.

I also offer expert repairs and set-ups of electric & acoustic guitars and basses.

Florian Jaeger

Hermann-v.-Barth-Str. 2
D-87561 Oberstdorf

Fon +49 (0) 8322 800 248