The Bavarian Makeover

I do what the mass-production guitar industry is not able to do - I can give your Les Paul Reissue or Standard the handmade craftsmanship that made the originals so legendary and sought-after. I utilize the same construction techniques and materials used by Gibson during its “golden age” such as hand-carving the necks and using hot hide glue for attaching period- correct fingerboards and setting the necks. I re-carve the maple tops with a scraper to give the top carve the correct vintage contours with the proper amount of “dish”.

How do I know, what’s the “right” top carve? Because I have studied many of the most beautiful originals that have graced my shop over the years. I’ve spent countless hours studying their contours and how they feel in-hand. I’ve even taken the time to carefully measure them.

I reshape the neck to create a full, yet comfortable neck out of a baseball bat. The neck carves of the ‘50s Les Pauls are different than what is available today. Not only were they originally hand-carved, but they had a subtle differences with less “shoulder”.

I use a special nitro-cellulose-lacquer, which is handmade by a small bavarian lacquer manufactory after my specifications. It smells, feels and reacts like a sixty year old finish and is NOT artificially treated.

I use the same aniline-dyes in the pore filler on the mahogany to create the classic appearance of the red color on the back, neck and sides.

I love to give these guitars the look and magic feel of the originals - and don ́t forget that both makeovers will dramatically improve the tonal qualities of your instrument.


The Bavarian Makeover One

  • Strip off the lacquer
  • Re-carve the maple top to vintage-correct contours
  • Reshape the neck to a genuine 50’s profile (if requested), with rolled binding
  • Install cellulose nitrate inlays on the fret board with the correct amount of “swirl”
  • Fill the pores in the mahogany with the correct red pore filler
  • Re-stamp the serial number with the correct font
  • Refinish with nitrocellulose lacquer with period-correct aniline dyes (cherry sun burst with requested amount of “fade”) or the authentic bronze powder (goldtop)
  • Light distressing/aging of the finish with genuine weather checking caused by temperature variations, NOT razorblades

1600,- €

personalized/customized aging: 300,- €
hardware/plastics aging: 300,- €

The Bavarian Makeover Two

Includes all of the Bavarian Makeover I

  • Remove truss rod sheath and install vintage-spec “fat-anchored” trussrod
  • Replace fret board with period-correct one
  • Re-fret with correct style fret end “nibs” on the binding

3400,- €

personalized/customized aging: 300,- €
hardware/plastics aging: 300,- €

When a guitar comes in for a makeover, I carefully examine the neck joint for structural integrity and neck angle to determine whether of not a reset is needed.

800,- €

I do have the Royalite they used in the 50ies - correct binding: 400,- €